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I'm Abhisek,
Web Designer.

CSS / DJango / Javascript
I'm a web developer / designer based in Rourkela, India. I have passion for web development and love to create for mobile and web devices. I'll make you website in a very affordable prices.
I started to learn code when I was 12 years old because I wanted to make my own video games.Over time, I've gained a wealth of experience, designing and developing websites for mobile and web. My specialization is in web Designing for Mobile and Web Devices.

My Skills

  • HTML5

  • CSS 3

  • DJango

  • Javascript

  • Work
    Design what you want / Develop what you need. My goal is to keep things simple. I focus on typography, content and convey the message that you want. I'm developer; so I know how to make your website run accross various devices using the latest technology available.

    W E B D E S I G N I N G

    Web design template.
    Web design template.
    Have any designing work where I can help?